Secrets of Zynpagua- Return of the Princess…..cont..

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Anika meets Vivian.
It was pouring outside but the rain did little to assuage Anika’s upset mood. The re-appearance of Frederick and the familiar painful voice from the Moon contributed in tarnishing her frame of mind. Anika’s mother was very worried seeing her state and took the two girls to join the theater classes.
The hall of the theatre was inundated with students chirping excitedly for their new found hobby. Miss Annie, the play director walked in smiling. Her small pretty face flushed colour as the heels of her pointed red shoes made the ‘knock’ sound. She welcomed everyone and then introduced the play to the children. It was called the ‘Return of the thief’, based on a children fantasy story book. Radhika was selected for the main lead to be the Princess while Anika played a cameo role as the confidant of the thief. Everyone spent a week rehearsing the play which was to be showcased on the coming Saturday. Days went by and with them took away Anika’s wretched state. She loved the practice sessions. Saturday came fast bringing with it the excitement of presenting the play. The girls hurriedly dressed up. Anika’s one eye was darkened with black colour to give her the guise of a thief while Radhika looked stunning as the Princess. Miss Annie introduced the play to the audience and then called Radhika to start the first Act. Anika was nervously peeping from the backstage, waiting for her turn. On the stage, the thief had entered the Princess’s room and it was now Anika’s turn.


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