Secrets of Zynpagua: Arrival in Zynpagua continue….

Vivian replied “Today is the Annual Chariot Race Festival. Drudan will reward the winner and give him a post in the army.  While the commoners are occupied in watching the Race, you change your guise here before anyone notices.” Vivian peeped straight in Anika’s eyes and murmured something. Her white frock transformed into a silver tunic. A Black band appeared in her short cropped hair, and her shoes were replaced by sturdy brown boots. Anika immediately checked the pockets and was satisfied to find the Spanish chocolate which she had carried with her .She was fascinated by her new look. A question popped out instantly “How did you do that?”  Vivian replied “Pajaro gifted me with her magical power before she died. They are equal and opposite to those of Drudan. He can use his magic only for doing evil and I can use mine only for the good of others”…. before Vivian could complete, a huge hullabaloo diverted his attention. When the two turned, the man with the white turban had won the race. The trumpets were being blown signaling the arrival of King Drudan. Two black horses came charging in, mounted by fierce looking warriors. They pushed the throng to the sides, clearing the pathway. Then a group of children came in running and sprinkled red flowers on the road. Two men walked in blowing the trumpets and then Drundan’s chariot arrived. He wore a colourful red gown flowing till his feet and a silken blue scarf. Anika strained her eyes to see Drudan. He was a tall man, with very fair complexion and no hair on his head. A star shaped diamond was studded on his forehead. There was an eerie calmness in his expressions. He walked towards the Podium and whispered in the minister’s ears. The minister shook his head and nervously announced the name of the winner.

As the victor approached closer, his white turban fell off. The people were stunned to see a gorgeous looking girl instead of the man.

Vivian gasped “Oh my God! This is the fisherman’s daughter- Sabrina.”  Drudan ordered his soldiers to arrest the lady. Vivian cried aloud “No!” Someone from the mob slapped him. Another one pulled Anika by the hand and took her to the King. Drudan roared “This lady Sabrina has the audacity to take part in a game meant only for Men. Such impudence by any woman has never been tolerated. She has challenged our moral system. Women are meant to be behind the four walls of domestic chores. Put her behind the bars. I am going for a visit to the seven kingdoms. Once I am back, I shall decide her fate.” The assembly cheered and then one soldier dragged Anika in King’s presence. He bellowed “Who are you?  Vivian hurriedly came forward and pleaded “My lord, this is Anika, my sister. We were simply passing by. Please grant forgiveness my Lord”. The King ordered one soldier to slap Vivian and Anika. It was such a hard blow that cut Anika’s lips and she began to bleed. Vivian fell on the ground. When the King had left, Anika stood up crying “How will I change this world. I am too young and fragile”.

Vivian hugged her “My little sister, don’t worry, you can do it. I know you can do it!

Anika said “How is Drudan alive for so many years?”

Vivian smirked “Black magic is making him live.”

Anika questioned him again “Why can women not participate in any games?”

Vivian said “That is because Zynpagua is known to give birth to miraculous women with extraordinary powers. Drudan fears one of them will bring his death.”

Anika sounded feeble “How will I destroy such a powerful man?”

Vivian unintentionally responded “By reading the stars!”

Anika stared at Vivian “You know Frederick?”


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