illka ranjan
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Reflections…..story of stars and planets, the dark planet & the prince of clouds

The innocent unreal aspirations of childhood continue to make their presence felt even as an adult. When I was eight or nine years old, the changing shapes of clouds and the starry nights had caught my attention to such an extent that I wished to reach the sky and explore that world. I had enticed a close friend of mine Soni with my fabricated story. I had convinced her that there exists the prince of clouds beyond the skies and that he comes and meets me when I am alone. I still remember convincing her about life on stars and planets. She was so much allured by the story of stars and planets, that she had given me gifts to make sure I call her when I meet the prince of the clouds again. When she had continuously insisted on meeting the prince of the clouds, I had created yet another story of the prince of the clouds being locked in the dark planet.

Life beyond the unknown and mystery about the universe has been a part of my imagination since childhood till date. As Steve job calls it connecting the dots, I can now connect with the flights of my imagination when I am writing my first children’s fantasy book called Secrets of Zynpagua: Return of the princess. Every character of the book has lived with me since childhood.

I wish I were an astronaut and could go and explore the world beyond the realms of the horizon.