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Children Short Story ideas – Who Says Children Have Stopped Reading?

I recently read an article published by a reputed author stating children have stopped reading books and therefore the market for children fiction in India is diminishing.

I just wanted to laugh at the statement. The sad story is the publishing houses in India are doing nothing to attract our young impressionable readers. Why are they not thinking of enticing the young readers with a hip and happening positioning?

Unfortunately the old age image of young authors and readers is that of someone like a bookworm,  less fun and more study. The young children fiction market is dying for a new positioning. Something like The brain power’, ‘Mr Creative’, ‘Mr Out of box thinker’. There are hardly any contests run by any publishing houses in India trying to bring out the writing talent. Why creative debates can’t be held in schools like the war or words, or height of imagination.

Today if you search online for best short story ideas for children, there is hardly any information. These days, the Internet is easily accessible by children. We need to catch their eyeball by making the existing web pages of best children books more contemporary and engaging and definitely more interesting and appealing. There is hardly any excitement for pushing the young readers to read and flaunt their knowledge.  Launch a short story contest online and link the keyword with an existing children fiction book. The criterion should be to first read the book and then take part in a writing contest. Encourage parents to enroll their children and then let’s wait to see how many children short story idea pop out from these young talents.

We are doing nothing to impress the impressionable.

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