Secrets of Zynpagua Week Six………………..

If you have missed the story, please read the recap in the left handside column- Secrets of Zynpagua, Return of the Princess

Anika felt someone pull her back on the bed. She could not understand why her question made Frederick so angry. She recollected what Frederick said last and immediately opened her eyes to watch the sky. The firmament was still a clear black sheet ornamented with feebly visible Moon. As Anika continued to ogle at it, she saw a spark in the sky. Venus appeared in close proximity to the Moon. Anika was astounded at the strength of her body was flowing, trying to reach Venus. Powerlessly she continued to gape at the sky and gradually went off to sleep. When she woke up in the morning, she was sparkling with energy. She rushed inside the house searching for Vivian. He was cleaning a sword and turned to respond but on seeing her, stood up with a start. He said “Anika your face is shining! What happened?”

Anika told Vivian about her meeting with Frederick and the appearance of Venus.

Vivian responded enthusiastically “Dear sister, it is a miracle that you saw Venus. None of us have seen stars for years. There definitely exists a connection. ”

He then asked her “Anika, what was on your mind before you went to sleep?”

Anika said “I was thinking of a way to save Sabrina”.

Vivian voiced excitedly “Then maybe impressing Venus is linked to saving Sabrina”

Their conversation was obstructed by thundering of drums coming from the fields below. Vivian ran towards the sound and Anika followed, sprinting down the hill to the fields. The drummer was announcing

“Loyal men of King

Be ready to Sing

In the wedding ceremony of Sabrina

With our Old farmer Dohrna

The event will happen three days from now

The King will donate a cow

Let us rejoice and dance

For her brilliant chance

Loyal men of King

Go Dance and Sing!”


The simpletons were blindly applauding and praising the King. They bellowed “Long live, the kind King!”

Vivian was motionless. Anika shook him “Is Sabrina being married to an old man?”

He replied “Yes, he is ninety years old sick man. Look there”.


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