Secrets of Zynpagua: Return of The Princess , Releasing Worlwide July ( end) 2014




That was the dawn of hope rising bravely from the conspiring night. None imagined that it would be She who could challenge the time. Yes, no one but Susainna knew as she waited with hope and purpose—her daughter would do it in due time.

She smiled with the memory of the day when the stars

had transferred her mystic abilities to her infant daughter and sent her to the Earth. Now she had to patiently wait for her to grow in the safe hands of the Indian family. Her eyes swelled up with tears with the memory of the rainbow leaving her daughter at their doorstep. How the lady of the house had jumped to find the infant girl and had hugged her affectionately. Sussaina’s daughter was instantly adopted by the Indian household. They named her Anika.

Sussaina wept and wept. The memory of sending her frail daughter immediately after her birth, ached her soul. But what could she have done? Drudan would have killed her.

Oh, what a beautiful baby she was.

Sussaina silently sat in one corner of the shadowed region and began to murmur the words:

She would rise,

From the coyness of her existence,

To let the world shine with brilliance,

To challenge the stones, the stars, the air, and the clouds,

To clean the muck her people would never be proud,

Yes, my girl will return to question Drudan for his crime,

And give back the most beautiful time.

Sussaina began to sing this song, with tears glimmering like pearls on her cheery face. She knew her misery had come to an end. At last, her daughter had found a home and would grow up in no time.


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