Secrets of Zynpagua: Return of the Princess continues…………………..

If you have missed the story please read the recap of the book in left hand panel.

She confidently announced her arrival, went running on the stage and delivered a humourous speech. The audience laughed and cheered.  Anika continued excitedly but after a while forgot the lines and began to mumble. The prompter yelled from behind and yet Anika could not remember her lines. At that moment, a young boy leapt from the roof of the stage and made a dramatic entry. He delivered an outstanding speech and saved the play. Before he left, he picked Anika on his shoulders and waved farewell to the audience. The play proceeded successfully. Anika was very relieved to see him and said “Thank you so much! Who are you? Did Ms Annie send you?”

The boy smiled and said “Anika my sister, I am Vivian!”

Anika turned cold. The colour from her face faded and fresh drops of perspiration appeared. She murmured “Vivian?”

The boy pleasantly sat beside Anika and placed his hand on her shoulder. He said “Dear sister, please don’t be afraid of me. I am your brother from Zynpagua”.

Anika was shaking with terror.

Seeing Anika’s state, Vivian spoke in a melodious voice that appeared to be coming from a far off land “Dear Anika, recognize my voice. We have been waiting for you since years. Hear me, my dear sister! Don’t be frightened, I have come to take you, to the place you belong,”

And then he sang a song

My dear sister you have come,

To undo the crime that was done,

Our mother is lost in the Shadow of Moon,

The clouds are crying and calling you soon,

You promised her you will come

You have come, you have come!

Now please be brave and show us the way.

The Stars will protect you till the last day

Read their signs and find the path.

Now keep your promise and undo the crime.

Please give us back the most beautiful time.

The song put Anika in a trance; her soul was floating in another world. Shadows of the past kept flashing back in her memory.

Seeing her state, Vivian said “Anika, I will tell you everything. Don’t worry, please don’t worry.   I can tell you everything, but not here, in our World”

Anika murmured “In your world?”

Vivian hesitated and then replied “Yes in Zynpagua”

Anika questioned “What? Zhyn….pagua? Which place is this? I have never heard of it.”

Vivian smiled “No one has heard of this place because it is cursed. It was a part of the Earth that got separated”

Anika disagreed “No, there is no place as Zynpagua”

Vivian said “Yes, Zynpagua exists and you have to come there!” 

Before Anika could say anything, Vivian looked towards the western direction and hastily said “I have to go now. Anika, I do exist. It’s not your dream. You are my sweet sister. Please come back with me to my world. See you soon.” and he disappeared.

Radhika came in hurriedly from the door on the west and hugged Anika “Wow! The play is a hit. We have been asked to repeat it next Saturday. You were exceedingly humourous. Who was that boy?”

Anika distractedly muttered “My brother”.


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