Secrets of Zynpagua: Return of the Princess continue….

Anika thought for a while. She too had been hearing a painful voice on a New and Full Moon night.

Anika asked yet again “But when the planets are seeing that Drudan is cruel, why can they not send their benefic rays on their own?”

Vivian smiled “Because dear sister, humans are creations of God and not the planets. Only a human can ask the planets to destroy another human”.

Anika was left with no option.

She asked him “How will we go?”

Vivian said “With the whirling wind”

Vivian looked in theNorth Westdirection and raised his hand to call the wind.

Anika intervened, “How will the wind come, it is raining?”

Vivian smiled “Look!”

Anika could see a cyclonic dust storm come towards them. Soon they were swirling with the wind. She grabbed Vivian’s hand firmly and felt the rotating wind engulf her. She could vaguely see huge boulders hanging in mid air, her vision diminishing with every swirl and sensed her skin turn cold as they soared higher and higher. They were steadily approaching a black oval shaped body .When they were very close, Anika yelled in pain. She felt her ear drums tear with the air pressure and she fainted.

When she woke up, she found herself amidst a celebration.


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