Secrets of Zynpagua: Return of the Princess cont….

King Soto and Queen Sussaina had no children. Queen Sussaina treated her husband’s younger brother Frederick as her own son. He was eight years old. One day Frederick went to the forest with his friends but did not return. The King’s Soldiers searched every nook and corner of Zynpagua but could not find him. The Queen was devastated. Seeing her sorrow, the stars blessed her with a son, Vivian. The King and Queen were elated by the birth of their son. For the next four years their attention was entirely on Vivian and they forgot to take care of their Kingdom- Zynpagua. Due to their neglect, evil and malice began to spread in Zynpagua

There lived a crooked scientist in Zynpagua called Drudan. He realized that the King and Queen were neglecting the kingdom. He joined King Soto’s palace as a minister and secretly began to plan his assassination. He relentlessly worked in the laboratory to create an electronic weapon that could kill King Soto. After four years of continuously trying, he invented a violet light that could spread like wind and kill anyone. But Drudan knew Sussaina’s supernatural powers would be able to save any person. He desperately wanted to learn magic to become invincible.

In these four years Drudan also pretended to be concerned about the welfare of the kingdom and became King’s Soto’s favourite minister. The King and the Queen began to treat him as a family member.

Queen Sussaina had a friend named Carol- the Princess of clouds. She was human in form, could fly like birds and was blessed with magical qualities. Drudan wanted to learn magic from Carol and began to impress her. She fell in love with him and married him. Soon they were blessed with a son- Leo. He inherited the qualities of his mother Carol. In presence of Leo, Drudan’s scientific powers began to deplete. He despised Leo and wanted to kill him.

Carol then taught magic to Drudan to pacify him and save her son Leo. As soon as Drudan learnt magic, he combined his scientific research and magic and invoked the fatal violet light. His invention backfired and the violet light generated catastrophic movements which separated Zynpagua from the Earth. It vanished in the Universe, carrying with it all the people on that land.

This infuriated the planets. They blamed Sussaina and Soto for neglecting their kingdom. It was due to their negligence that Drudan had become powerful and his wicked intentions had brought so much suffering. The stars took away their blessings from Sussaina as a punishment for neglecting her kingdom.

King Soto tried saving Zynpagua but the violet light hit him and he got sucked in the Universe. Drudan captured Queen Sussaina by deceit and locked her in the Shadow behind the Moon by an evil spell.  The Shadow behind the Moon is the darkest area in the universe where the evil spells can work best.  Sussaina tried influencing the stars and rescuing herself but could not do so.

Drudan’s vicious act infuriated the Sun and the stars and they refused to send their rays to Zynpagua. This separation cost Zynpagua heavily and it stopped receiving the Sunlight. It became the Dark Invisible Planet. Carol could not save Sussaina but hid Vivian. Drudan searched for Vivian everywhere and on not finding him, hit Carol and wounded her. He took his son Leo with him. Carol was fatally injured and could not follow Drudan to save Leo. Before she died, she kissed Vivian, thereby transferring her magical powers to him. She also cast a protective spell on a mountain range and hid Vivian there. Thus Vivian was saved from Drudan.

While Queen Sussaina was imprisoned in the shadow of Moon, she realized that she was pregnant. She knew if Drudan discovered this fact, he would kill her child in the womb. She prayed to the stars to save this child. The stars felt pity on Sussaina but told her that they had to abide by the law of Universe which states that every human being has to pay for his deeds. By neglecting Zynpagua, Sussaina and Soto had invited evil and had brought disaster for Zynpagua. Therefore Sussaina and Soto would have to pay for their deeds.

However the stars picked the child from Sussaina’s womb. It was a baby girl. They sent this child to the Earth. The stars then told Sussaina that they had granted this baby girl with the power to influence them. One day their baby girl will hear the call of nature and come to save Zynpagua”.


Anika was stunned to know about Zynpagua.

She asked Vivian “Dear Vivian, how can I help you?”

Vivian smiled and tears rolled from his eyes “Anika, you are the fragile infant who traveled from Zynpagua to the Earth. I am Vivian, the son of King Soto and Queen Sussaina and you are my sister.”

Anika gasped “What?”

She was trembling. After a while she said “Vivian, I think you are mistaken. I am not your sister and I have no special powers!”

He smiled “Yes Anika, you are my sister and you have inherited the powers. It is you who can read and influence the stars. Dear sister, we need you to rescue our mother, to free Zynpagua from the clutches of wicked Drudan.”

Anika asked him yet again “How do you know that influencing the stars will bring an end to Drudan’s rule?”

Vivian answered sadly “Because I can hear mother’s voice on a New Moon and Full Moon night. She told me to bring you back from the Earth because only you can influence the planets to cast their benefic rays and end Drudan’s rule.”


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