Secrets of Zynpagua: Arrival in Zynpagua continue………..

If you have missed the story, please read the recap in the left handside column- Secrets of Zynpagua, Return of the Princess

She thought of approaching Frederick for a solution and immediately pulled out the Spanish chocolate from her pocket.

Her sturdy boots dug deep in the ice while climbing the frozen mountains. The icy breeze was forcing Anika to bend backwards as she continued her ascent. The tunic fluttered with the roaring zephyr and she turned blue in the cold. Shivering she yelled

 “¿Frederick de dónde eres?”

(Frederick, where are you?)

There was no sign of Frederick. Her voice echoed and vanished. Anika tried to locate Frederick beyond the river, near the sheer-sided gorges, above the stony slopes, between snowy summits but could not find him. After a while Frederick came skating from behind one of the slopes. He aggressively waved at Anika

“Hola Anika! (Hi Anika)

Como estas! (How are you?).

Bienvenidos a nuestro mundo (Welcome to our world)

Anika repeated “¿Dónde estoy?” (Where am I)?

He responded while removing his skates and the woolen cap that covered his blonde hair “Esto es Sierra Nevada, montaña en España

(This is Sierra Nevada, mountain range in Spain).

Anika blurted out the question that was nagging her Tú eres mi tío. ¿Por qué desaparecen de Zynpagua?

(You are my uncle. Why did you disappear from Zynpagua?”

Frederick’s countenance stiffened .He coldly replied “Querida Anika, te diré un día, ahora no” (Dear Anika, I will tell you one day, not now.)

Anika was frightened to see his angry face and changed the topic “¿Cómo puedo empezar a leer las estrellas? Quiero salvar a Sabrina

(How can I start reading the stars? I want to save Sabrina)

Frederick curtly responded

Mira Venus brillando en el cielo” (Look at Venus Shining brightly in the sky).

“Ve ahora, usted se están congelando aquí (Go now, you are freezing here)

Adios”. (Goodbye!)”


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