Secrets of Zynpagua: Arrival in Zynpagua continue….

Vivian was surprised “Frederick? How do you know him? He was our uncle who disappeared.” Anika was perturbed “Frederick was our uncle? He is in Spain and speaks in a different language which I am able to understand.  In fact, I traveled there after drinking the pomegranate juice. He is in a place with high mountains. Once Frederick resurfaced from a Spanish chocolate and said- The Moon is calling. Read the stars! He also informed me that you were coming to take me” Vivian jumped with joy “Dear sister, our uncle is alive. One day we will find our father as well”. He voiced aloud.

“A day will come

When the Moon will be milky white

The Sun, Venus and Mars will be ready to fight

To destroy the shadow

And rescue our Mother.

You can do it, no other

Impress Sun, Venus and Mars

They are eager to use their powers

Our freedom lies in the hands of stars

They will shower their blessings like flowers”

Vivian then plucked a leaf from a nearby plant and applied its juice to Anika’s bleeding lips.

 She again questioned Vivian “How are the trees and plants growing here without the rays of the Sun?”

Vivian replied “The trees and the plants loved our mother. They refused to leave Zynpagua with the Sun when she was captured. The Sun cannot let any innocent being die and therefore promised them to send invisible rays to form chlorophyll.”

 Vivian suggested “Anika let us go home and relax”.

Anika gratefully nodded and followed Vivian. His house was located on the hill top. A peasant was passing on a Bullock cart and Vivian requested him for a ride. He readily agreed.

Anika questioned Vivian yet again “There are no cars here?”

Vivian replied “Dear Sister, remember I told you Zynpagua is a cursed land and as the years pass, we will get more primitive. We can only use bullock carts here”.

As the cart moved ahead, Anika saw little houses built of wood and mud bricks with walls of reed stuffed with straw. These petite brown structures were symmetrically arranged along the uneven road. At one of the crossroads, Anika saw a huge copper statue of a young boy with a sword.  He looked familiar and Anika guessed “Is this the statue of our Uncle Frederick?”

Vivian was thrilled “Yes this is the statue of our uncle Frederick.”

Anika was curious “How did he disappear?”

Vivian replied “No one knows”……


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