Indian Tourism Industry is dying in the hands of barbaric citizens.

 Four years back when I decided to quit my six years banking career and start as an entrepreneur, most of my friends discouraged me from starting a tourism company. The premise they gave was that there are too many travel companies in India, infact four in every street in any city in India.

The statistics of at least four in every city in every street does discourage from entering this industry. This same sentence also shows something very very significant-The potential of travel industry to generate employment and make people self dependent.  But this potential has been robbed, raped and thrown in gutters.

Last four years of being in travel industry reveals yet another fact. Despite there being innumerable professionals and people doing something related to travel in India, there is hardly anyone who can give an honest and knowledgeable solution.  One does not need to be educated to tell truth about the region they belong to. Unfortunately In India, travel clients are literally robbed in the hands of the agents.

Customers have been vigilant about their money being robbed, but there is another glaring problem- their dignity being robbed. Women are potential clients for the tourism Industry. Being woman myself, I can vouch about so many female friends having fascination to travel. An avid entrepreneur or a businessman in travel can tap this potential, give security to single women to travel and generate higher revenue.  But look at the barbaric nonsensical animals in India, they cannot control their libido, they attack the single women tourist and mess around with the country’s reputation and weaken the possibility of having a robust travel industry in India.

China, UK, USA, have warned women travels from going to India. Are we surprised why?

Because travelling experience of their women can turn into a life long nightmare.

And shameful is the government of India, be it any party, who cares.

It is quite beyond them to think of ways to make woman safe, be it from India or elsewhere.

At least they can think about the travel Industry which is being ruined in the hands of citizens and government. If we compare ourselves with countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, India has a much much higher potential of showing its assets and promoting tourism. From snow capped Himalayan ranges of Ladakh, to historically and architecturally rich Rajasthan, to cool Goa and stunning back waters of Kerala. There is variety in diversity.

Unfortunately now the scenario is – no one would want to come in the hands of the barbaric. Recreation takes a back seat when it comes to personal safety.

Infact, the tourism industry of India is far behind compared to Indonesia, Malaysia etc. Look at their tour and trips. Localized and professional.  In India, Instead of concentrating on increasing the efficiency and expertise in handling clients, our men in this industry are busy focusing in molesting the clients. When a tourist steps in a city in India, the local rickshaw man benefits, the local tea stall guy benefits, the local curious shop benefits, the local hotels benefit, the tour operator benefits, the temples, churches, mosques benefit, the forts benefit.

Everyone benefits but how do they appreciate it by savagely ogling at the innocent woman traveler. Forget the foreigners, I have travelled intensely in India with my female friends and there is not a single place where we have been saved of these looks.

Since the government cannot think of anything to curtail this nonsense. Here are few suggestions, based totally on the fact that molesters and rapists are fearless. Law would not inspire fear, but these actions may-:


  1. Rapid arrest of eve teasers and road side Romeo’s. Hype the arrest to inspire awe in people.
  2. Increased police patrolling.
  3. Road shows to talk about safety of women.
  4. Road shows educating people about the law against such crimes.
  5. Road announcement warning people against humiliating a woman. Most of such offenders are uneducated to read the newspaper and figure out what’s going on. They have no idea about what the law is.
  6. Posters across the country warning against rape.


  1. Increased patrol of female policemen in tourists sites
  2. Rapid arrests.
  3. Cancellation of business license for the molesters.

Molesters are fearless, inspire fear in them.



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