Children Fiction writers deserve a better chance.

How many Children Fiction Indian authors have we heard of lately?

Hardly any. …

The last Indian Children Fiction bestseller that made echoing presence in International market was Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Mowgli has cast an inimitable impression in our minds for years.

Where are the authors who can create similar fiction for children in India?

Needless to say that they do exist but Indian Publishers are busy competing in the stereotyped adult romance genre.

Most of these publishers are busy pushing children fantasy books written by International authors in Indian market.

Barring Scholastic, I am not aware of any publishing company investing their efforts in increasing readership amongst children and encouraging Indian authors.

The attitude and indifference of publishing companies are appalling.  Why are they making life tougher for Indian authors in an already difficult market like India. A recent statement adopted by Random house/ Penguin books is worth the criticism. To making a  submission to them an auto reply comes that states that the submission has been received and in case the script has been accepted the author will be approached within 3 months otherwise it is understood that the script has not been accepted

This autoreply shows the culture that prevails in the Organization. A ridiculous callous attitude.

Does a rejected author not deserve a courtesy rejection email?

Why should Publishing companies contribute in frustrating the creative talent in India? I can only request them not to make India a dumping ground of International fiction but also DEVELOP creative talent in India.


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