Secrets of Zynpagua: Arrival in Zynpagua

Chapter 3 : Arrival in Zynpagua
(If you have missed the story, please read the story recap on the left hand panel)

The crowd was cheering aloud as they watched the chariots race with each other. The bullocks were fiercely charging towards the destination.  The man in the red chariot overtook the one on the yellow and the gathering burst out enthusiastically. The man riding the Yellow chariot was wearing dark blue stockings with a light blue shirt and a black jacket. Anika noticed that he had worn a white turban that covered his hair and face.

The racing chariots were blowing the dust that mighty breeze carried with it everywhere. The milieu was flooded with the encouraging uproar of the men and thundering sound of the drums signaling a celebration. Anika whispered to Vivian “Where are we?” He replied “We are in Zynpagua”. Anika noticed that the entire place was lit by huge lamps. She whispered to Vivian “Is it nighttime?” Vivian sadly replied “No, it is daytime. We have not seen the Sun since our mother was captured.  Look at the sky”

Anika looked up and was aghast to see a dark black sheet without any stars only a faint feeble Moon and smoky clouds speckled around it.

Anika enquired “What are the people celebrating?”


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