Secrets of Zynpagua Week seven………………..

If you have missed the story, please read the recap in the left hand side column- Secrets of Zynpagua, Return of the Princess

Anika spent the night glaring at the Moon. After a while it occurred to her that when the announcement was being made the Sun was sending its’ rays. Sun signifies royalty and then she exclaimed!

“The Sun was shining bright

Venus too winked twice

The Moon was dimly white

Then why should Sabrina have to fight

For her destiny’s right

The stars indicate marriage to royalty

A man bestowed with the ability

To end this era’s crime

And rule this region in his prime”


She excitedly summoned Vivian. “I can read the Stars! I know I can read the stars! Sabrina is destined to marry a royalty, a King. I can see it. A handsome man endowed with chivalry and valour”

Vivian voiced “How?”

Anika said, “I know the future but don’t know how.  We have to rescue Sabrina from the Prison. Venus is sending signals wanting me to rescue Sabrina. This is all connected. Vivian we have to do something.”

The two made a plan and commenced walking towards the Prison. The Jail was in a tall fort with walls made of strong bronze pillars and huge boulders cemented with mud and clay. The roof of the fort had a double layered balcony studded with attentive militia. Each end of the fort had an enormous circular stand on which fire was lit that illuminated the entire area. The entrance of the fort was a robust gate made of bronze and copper which was guarded by eight soldiers.

Anika darted towards them. One of the soldiers caught her by the hand and questioned her

“Why have you come here?”.

Anika boldly replied “I have come to rescue Sabrina”.

The soldiers laughed and wedged her. Just then Vivian made an eye contact with the soldier to hypnotize him by magic and the soldier fell on the ground. Anika marched ahead with Vivian is rallying behind, raising his hand and spellbinding everyone to sleep. Unfortunately, one of the soldiers, who hid from Vivian’s gaze, drummed the bronze plate. This served as a warning alarm for all the soldiers and they came running towards the entrance and the convict’s cell. Anika could not pace with Vivian and fell rolling down on the slide that elevated to the prisoner’s confinement.


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